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Customs Clearance

Our expertise can be your asset ...

Backed by over 30 years of experience and one of the market leaders in Ireland our expert team of customs clearance agents will guide and support you through the customs clearance process. 
Using the most up to date resources and technology we can turn, what can be an extremely complicated process, into a simple and easy procedure. 
We aim is to ensure our clients receive the most more efficient and effective service to avoid delays and any subsequent charges. 
Whether you are a once off importer/ exporter seeking expert advice and guidance, or you are a regular trader looking to optimise your customs process our team at Bell Transport and Logistics are ready to handle your clearance requirements. 

The team at Bell Transport undertake clearances on various products/ items from food, agriculture, textiles, contruction etc. We also specialise in motor clearances (cars, trucks, mobile homes) and horse/ equine clearances.  

Why Choose Bell?

  • Expertise, experience and in dept knowledge on all customs elements.

  • Direct access and understanding of the numerous and varied electronic systems required for interaction with Revenue for customs.

  • Our team will communicate effectively with specialists in order to ensure cargo is cleared and delivered in a timely manner and in full compliance with customs regulations.

  • We keep our clients up to date through timely and comprehensive advice on any changes, opportunities, schemes that may be relevant to their industry.

  • We work closely with our UK sister Company - Clearing Customs UK and this allows us to facilitate clearances to/from UK seamlessly.

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